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As Search Engines Evolve, The Display of the searches change through time. There was once a time where Google only displayed organic searches. With New Updates to the search engine it is now very important to optimize your site to the best of your ability. Over millions of websites on the internet today still lack optimization of the site. Local SEO has become a huge part in marketing for small businesses. Local SEO is great because it only shows what business are located near a persons current position. How does this help your business? Lets go ahead and assume that a person is looking for a Italian restaurant. When Italian restaurant is entered onto the Google search engines. Local SEO generally show up first. Placing your Company on top of all the organic searches. In doing so, you will receive more Traffic to your site. 

Local Search SEO has recently created a huge impact in the SEO community. Local Search engine optimization can in fact boost more traffic to many small businesses. Although there are huge benefits to listing and setting up your local search. Many small companies still have not optimized their business for local search. So We have created a Basic list below to help you with local listing. (Too many too list but here are some important features)

1. Optimize Title to include Keyword City State. 
XXXAutoRepair (This is okay)
XXXAutoRepair Brake Repair Boston MA (This is much better.)

2. Unstructured Citations (Newspaper Articles, Blog Posts)
The More exposure the better.

Crawlable Address Matching Place Page Address
Must be crawled by search engine (not a photo of the address.)

4. Create and implement more local Listings, directories, websites
ex. Yelp.com, Foodler.com grubhub.com (use these if your a restaurant these directories change with the type of business.)

5. Increase your Page Authority and Domain Authority
ex. Link building, Social Media, Inbound Marketing.

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